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These videos do not go into the detail that the book does, but they serve as a great overview and will jog your memory as you are going through the publkishing process. Viewing these videos requires a password. If you bought a copy of “Kindle, How-To Publish, Promote & Profit” and have lost your password, please send an email.


Kindle publishing made easy
– An overview of how to master Amazon
Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).


Understanding the Kindle bookstore
– Leveraging the reach of Amazon
and preparing your book to appeal to the greatest number of people.


What is your purpose
– Who is your target audience? How to write
your book for a specific reader group.


Targeting your readers
– Will your book appeal to mainstream readers
or is it niche specific?


Pricing your book to sell
– You don’t want to have the most
expensive or the cheapest book in your genra.


Editing your book
– Professional editing can be a real plus, but it
doesn’t need to be stumbling block.


Designing a great book cover
– In real estate it’s called ‘curb
appeal’ and can mean the difference in sales.


Kindle book promotion
– In this video, find some great tips about
promoting and advertising your book.


Kindle publishing
– Publishing your book to Kindle and what your
manuscript needs to have to meet standards.


Putting it all together
– Reviewing the Kindle Direct Publishing
(KDP) process outlined in the previous 9 videos.

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