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Tom, author of "Kindle, How To Publish, Promote & Profit"Hi, I’m Tom Heatherington, author of “Kindle, How To Publish, Promote & Profit“, my third Internet business book and my second  published on the Kindle platform.  SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide was published in 2010 and you can learn more about it at my website,

This project is a result of my experience in publishing my previous book on Kindle. I learned a great deal and I made some mistakes that cost me time and money. Helping others avoid the pitfalls and offering some good tips along the way should make your publishing experience more rewarding.

Although the basics of publishing on Kindle are relatively simple, the details can trip you up. All the fancy formatting tricks we’ve learned over the years get tossed out the window.  The size of our images is now more important than the color ,and you’ll need a special code if you want to use bullets on your pages. These aren’t big things, but they can cause you to pull your hair out trying to figure it out on your own.




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