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Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) offers almost everything you need to self-publish your book and it’s a relatively simple process – if you know what to do. The devil’s in the details – and details such as formatting your manuscript correctly, designing a compelling cover, pricing your book to sell and how to promote it to maximize sales are critical elements that Amazon omits.

Why publish on Amazon’s Kindle? is the largest bookseller in the world. They ship tens of millions of paperback and hardback books, but for every print book they ship, they sell more Kindle books. The market for Kindle books is exploding.

My new book, “Kindle, How To Publish, Promote & Profit” is a step-by-step blueprint that guides you through the formatting process, and then explains every detail of what you need to do to create awareness for your book and drive targeted buyers to your Amazon sales page.

The barriers to publishing have been eliminated!

Kindle, How To Publish, Promote and Profit

The role of a traditional publisher is disappearing. We no longer need their distribution channels, forget about inventory, print runs, literary agents or virtually anything associated with conventional book publishing. The digital age of books has arrived! sold more than 3 times as many Kindle books in 2011 as it did in 2010.  Customers are now choosing Kindle books more often than print books because they like the convenience and the prices.

Out with the old…

You and I have witnessed firsthand what the Internet’s impact has been on conventional broadcast media.Now we are seeing the same paradigm shift happen with print books.

Get empowered!

You can publish your book TODAY and you will not need to beg some faceless publisher to approve it.

The Kindle platform along with Amazon’s high-profile bookstore is what you need to reach your audience. The only other thing you must have is reliable advice about formatting your book properly to adapt to the Kindle, and how to promote your book to maximize sales.

Learn How To Publish, Promote & Profit on Kindle

Tom Heatherington, author & Internet consultantHi, my name is Tom Heatherington and I am the author of “Kindle, How To Publish, Promote & Profit“. I am also the author of another Kindle book (SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide) and a print book, which was published by Macmillan titled, The Complete Small Business Internet Guide.  I’ve experienced the publishing world from both sides; traditional print and digital books, and I am sold on the future (and the present) of electronic publishing.

How my new book can help you

The Kindle platform is quirky and Amazon’s instructions can be a bit vague.  Formatting your book can be a challenge because it often goes against what we have learned about creating documents. Tweaking images, sizing and positioning them properly is different from what you have learned in the past. I spend many long days learning how to format for Kindle and you will save time and frustration reading my book before you start your project. I guarantee it!

Some of the things you will learn include:

  • How to choose a title that will drive more sales
  • Pricing your book to sell
  • Formatting tips to improve how your book appears on a Kindle
  • What makes a great book cover
  • Where to find expert cover designers for as little as $5
  • How to maximize your Amazon sales page
  • Branding you – and your book
  • Attracting your audience
  • Where to get a free domain name for your book promotion efforts
  • Developing ‘Social Proof’
  • How to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest to increase sales
  • Where to advertise your book online
  • Kindle as a tool for businesses
  • How to earn affiliate commissions with your book
  • How to sell your book utilizing other sales channels
  • How to appear as the expert in your niche

Earn money as a kindle authorEarn money as a kindle author

There are kindle authors that earn thousands of dollars per month from Amazon (every month). As with most things in life, quality counts, and it is the same with writing a compelling book. Whether your book is a serious ‘How To’ guide or a fictional tale that takes place in a universe far, far away, the better your product the more sales potential you will have. However, no matter how fascinating your book, unless you promote it effectively, it will only gather virtual dust in the kindle bookstore.

Promotion is the key to success in selling any product and this is especially true for kindle books. Amazon offers a number of ways to do this inside their bookstore. Additionally, it is imperative that you market your book off-site of Amazon. People conducting Google searches for your information need to find it in search results.

“Kindle, How To Publish, Promote & Profit” provides a marketing blueprint for online promotion. You will learn how to position your book to increase your rank in search results using resources that deliver results. As an example, did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? Your book must have a presence on YouTube to maximize search and you can do this without using a camera or hiring an outside company – my book shows you how to do this.  Harnessing the power of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and channeling traffic to your kindle book translates into sales.

Why is this book so inexpensive?

The price of my book has no relation to the value of the content. I discuss pricing strategy in the book and the cost of this book reflects the strategy I chose.  Amazon prefers that Kindle books fall in a particular price range; their commission structure makes that abundantly clear. In the ‘old days’ (prior to digital), producing a book meant establishing distribution channels, paying the cost of printing,shipping, inventory, cover design, advertising and a host of other costs associated with a physical product.

In 2011 AD (After Digital), the cost to produce a Kindle book is primarily your time involved in writing your book, and creating or paying someone to design a cover; everything else is electrons. Granted, the advertising and promotion still plays a part and requires a budget, but I also discuss that in my book and show you how to DIY and save a bundle.

Newsflash: Most print books only sell  a few hundred copies. The average book in America sells about 500 copies” (Publishers Weekly, July 17, 2006). Today that number is closer to 250 copies or less.  Even if you convinced a publisher to take your book, they will not be paying royalties on such results. The bottom line is that the odds of earning any money from a print book are virtually nil.

Amazon offers the largest distribution channel in the universe…

And, it costs you nothing to participate. If your book is priced at only $4.99 and all you sell are 250 copies, you would still earn almost $1,000 in commissions. The lower your price, the more books you can potentially sell, because buyers don’t have to justify a few dollars for a book discussing a topic they are interested in. Even if they don’t like it after download, few will take the time to do anything except delete the file.

What Gutenberg started, Bezos* perfected!

If you have an Amazon account, you already have a Kindle Direct Publishing account. If you don’t have an account, sign-up, it’s free!

*Jeff Bezos is the founder, president, CEO, and chairman of the board of


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